moon dressed in gray,
throws himself into the sea
the clouds stop quietly on the edge of the sky
enjoying the coolness of the morning,
we make love
the vowels come out of you,
screaming around the rays
the horizon sounds like an orchestra...


smell of love and coffee
Earth gets drunk
it was raining again
I look at you and wonder if I deserve it
I split you and moan with pleasure
my lady
I don't need keys because I'm already there
it's been a while
you get up lazily and chew on coffee
You've been asking me since yesterday
I'm thinking about tomorrow
but I know you don't care
he passes for all
but not for you
please have more time
to love you today


I was thinking of writing
about my worries
but I was too busy living them
who else knows?
I forgot who I was yesterday,
I serve a little of my friend J
I remember,
I used to believe in them
Primates transformed into demons
you opened it for me
hidden behind bars
you promised to defend me
how stupid I am
the fight is over
time does not need a scalpel


Take a deep breath,
I look at the past
I breathe an air of joy
I killed in myself the last piece of humanity
I'm a stranger now,
the fine smoke pierces my chest
like a dinosaur tooth in a flock of dragons
too quiet,
should that be the end?
not nearly,
Ra stares at me again,
get ready, dog,
today you start over!


(in the days when the sun
transforms the earth
in a dartboard
and people turn in
own circles)
I rise from the depths
chalk round
and shout:
"Let Efialte fly."
on my horse of thoughts
let's love each other until
our bones will evaporate
-a piece of meat on the saddle of righteousness -

while the wind
it gets under our skin
like eczema
we dig even deeper
knees in the back
invertebrate of the horse
and we give up easily
like spiritual atoms
on the wiping hooves
the dust on the palm of silence

I stayed on the edge
of horse
we stick to it
until the light
it sticks between the stars
and zeus chews the moon
like a stone in the teeth


minutes undress for seconds

I'm sitting on a
hammock made of elements
fixed geometric
I tied him aside
one rainbow and the other
an hour late from a
night bent to day

yesterday - it rained once more
I was running around squeezing myself
dream in the palm of your hand
crushed or drowned
in my fist

the rain broke in me
it's hot

it will rain again